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Zelter: Zombie Zhooter » Zelter: Zombie Zhooter – Now Live on Steam Next Fest!

We are thrilled to announce that Zelter: Zombie Zhooter demo is participating in Steam Next Fest! Dive into an action-packed experience as you face off against hordes of zombies in this free game mode.


Free Zombie Mode: Get ready for some action with our completely free zombie mode! Survive the apocalypse and face waves of undead enemies in this challenging new game mode.

Multiplayer Madness: Join forces with friends or make new allies as you take on the zombie hordes together. Teamwork is key to survival!

Join Our Discord Community: We value your feedback, and your input will shape the future of Zelter. Join our Discord server to connect with other players, share your thoughts, and help us refine the multiplayer aspect of the game even further.

Leave Your Feedback: Your feedback is crucial to us! Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and bug reports on Discord. Based on your valuable input, we will be continuously updating and improving the multiplayer mode in Zelter: Zombie Zhooter.

What’s Next?: Your feedback will not only shape the multiplayer experience in Zelter: Zombie Zhooter but will also ease the way for its integration into the original game, “Zelter.” Your support and involvement are essential in making Zelter the best it can be!

Grab your friends, load up your weapons, and prepare for the zombie apocalypse like never before!

Get “Zelter: Zombie Zhooter” for free now and start surviving!