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Just Shapes and Beasts » You can now 100% play JS&B on the go with Steamdeck!

Ahoy, long time no post!

We finally got around to getting the game working tip top on the Steamdeck, so we figured we’d fix a few bugs while we at it; probably introduce some new ones too, this is the way.

1.6.50 release notes

– Steam Deck compatibility
– Steam Deck floating keyboard support for Community Rooms (also for Big Picture mode)
– Apple Silicon native support for Mac
– Linux build now uses IL2CPP
– Players Beat Points are now synchronized in real-time when playing online
– You can now get huge BP coins when waiting in an online lobby
– Moved to Unity 2020.3.32f1.
– Added Spider Dance to Story Boss list, for the achievement.
– Minor bug fixes

As always, if there’s issues do reach out to and we’ll fix you right up!

-Your pals
The JS&B Team