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Yet Another Zombie Survivors » Yet Another Update 0.4.2

Welcome, Survivor!

We’re releasing a quick update to address some issues that appeared or (unfortunately) persisted in the version 0.4.1, while adding some QoL along the way.

  • Powerups no longer spawn outside of the gameplay area.
  • Pause menu now displays equipped weapons and their base and modified stats.
  • Weapon upgrades on level-up interface now shows base values instead of modified by stats.
  • Aiming AI improvements, should no longer target enemies outside of the weapon’s range.
  • Attack button rebinding added to the remap controls menu (for autofire option turned off).
  • Added a short input pause to level-up/item-chest/sos screens to avoid accidentally selecting an option, especially when using the mouse (manual aim/mouse movement).
  • Gameplay should no longer unpause when displaying interfaces.
  • Experience gems should no longer increase in size.
  • Fixed rare cases of Armor stat value becoming negative.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would occasionally deal critical damage.
  • The experience bar should no longer drop to a negative value in rare cases.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect display of certain stats in the pause menu (e.g. Armor: 1E+04).
  • “Bombing Strike” ability fixed to not to display more indicators than the amount of dropped bombs.
  • Item “Pills” fixed to work correctly + it now restores 50 HP/s for 20s, and reduces max HP by -50.
  • “HoloGhost” ability now properly displays damage taken on the end screen.
  • “It Takes Two” achievement fixed to properly require Default game mode.

Thank you for both your reports and your patience.
Have a blast fighting the Horde! See you next time!

ㅤStay awesome,
ㅤㅤAwesome Games Studio