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Yet Another Zombie Survivors » Yet Another Update 0.4.1

Welcome, Survivor!

We’re releasing a quick update to address feedback from our community and fix the issues that were reported to us since last Friday.

  • “One Hit” mode difficulty and enemy wave definitions tweaked to be less steep and slightly easier up to the 5 minute mark.
  • “Boss Rush” mode difficulty/horde scaling has been increased after the 10 minute mark (endless).
  • Added a small freeze frame when exiting the pause menu interface to better show the gameplay area before unpausing.
  • The “Fatigue” pause menu indicator in endless game modes now also shows the current maximum damage you can take.
  • Further tweaks to AI targeting priorities to better focus on important targets closer to the squad’s location.
  • Radial indicators overlapping improved to display each pointer type at different distances from the center.
  • Added on-screen notification when switching between auto and manual aiming options using a hotkey (default: middle mouse button/right stick press).
  • Added small dead zones to gamepad analogue sticks to prevent unwanted input switching in cases of controller stick drift.
  • “Scarab” enemy (Mummy boss summons) can no longer spawn very close to the squad’s location.
  • Fixed issue with Engineer not targeting boss enemies correctly when playing with the manual aim option enabled.
  • Fixed cases where “Bombing Strike” ability would not drop bombs correctly.
  • Fixed “Desert Worm” enemy dealing multiple damage instances at once and ignoring i-frames.
  • Fixed “One Hit” game mode ending around the sixth minute mark instead of being endless.
  • Other minor interface & bug fixes.

In the case that you’ve missed the last patchnote, be sure to also check the list of the 0.4.0 changes:

Thank you for your patience and support. Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation and will continue to do so, so please report any issues and we’ll do our best to fix them. 🎃 Happy Halloween!

ㅤStay awesome,
ㅤㅤAwesome Games Studio