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Yet Another Zombie Survivors » Yet Another Update 0.3.3 HOTFIX

Welcome, Survivor!

We’re releasing another update to address issues introduced by the recent patch changes.

  • “Scarab” enemy damage scaling reduced. We’ll continue to adjust all the damage sources.
  • “Scarab” enemy now has an additional glow effect to be much easier to spot.
  • Endless Mode: Enemy speed stat growth over time reduced by approximately half.
  • Endless Mode: Maximum damage received cap set back to 1000 (from 1500 in version 3.2).
  • Audio volume tweaks.

We’re aware of the other issues you’ve encountered so far, and we’re working on fixing them all. Please allow us some more time to deliver these fixes. Thank you for playing & for your patience!

ㅤStay awesome,
ㅤㅤAwesome Games Studio