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Yet Another Zombie Survivors » Yet Another Update 0.3.2

Welcome, Survivor!

We’re releasing another update to address the issues you’ve been reporting and to make some necessary gameplay tweaks. Also, read the note below the changelog for information on the future update. Enjoy!

Patch notes / Changelog

  • “Weapon critical damage” stat now has correct base value of 200% (previously 150%).
  • Endless Mode: Reduced and set an upper limit to the movement speed of the enemies (250%).
  • Endless Mode: Every minute now increases the number of enemies by +1%.
  • Huntress: “Explosive Arrows” reworked so it deals 100 direct damage (from 140) and explodes after 1.25s (from 0.75s), but the explosion size is increased to 3m (from 2.5m) and deals 300 damage (from 250).
  • “Revived” effect now has better indication on when it triggers.
  • Improved visual ground markers of enemy projectiles for better visibility.
  • Scarab enemies are now bigger to be easier to spot (their hitbox remains the same).
  • The meta-progression team level now displays on the gameplay’s user interface.
  • Added DPS stat for “Ricochet”, “EMP Grenade” and “HoloGhost” to the endscreen interface.
  • Sanji is now less shy, so he comes out quicker (after 2.5s, from 4s).
  • Improvements to the volume levels of multiple sound effects.
  • Fixed some of the enemies damage sources not scaling correctly with the Horde level.
  • Butcher boss should no longer cause collision issues with the Survivors (getting stuck in place).
  • “SOS signal” notification no longer erroneously occurs when exiting or restarting the current run.
  • Achievement “Cause Baby, You’re Firework” has its triggers fixed and improved in multiple ways.
  • Achievement “Om Nom Nom” now correctly tracks and saves the number of zombies eaten.
  • Tank: Potential fix for the “Bombing Strike” ability not dropping all the bombs.
  • Medic: Potential fix for the “Reanimation” ability not activating in some rare cases.
  • Medic: “Field Surgery” (previously “PhD”) ability now shows the correct amount of Health regeneration per level.
  • Fixed some items that did not correctly highlight the associated stats.
  • Translation improvements.
  • Other unlisted bugfixes.
  • Maximum movement speed of enemies was reduced.
  • Big Mummy boss spike attack has its hitbox reduced by around 20%.
  • Endless Mode: Enemies health point grow curve has been flattened (grows slower).
  • Endless Mode: Maximum damage received cap raised from 1000 to 1500 for this game mode only.
  • “Magazine Clip” item now decreases the Weapon reload time by -15% (from -25%) and has one stack (from 2).
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Skip Rope” items now gives +3 rerolls/recycles per stack gained (from +2).
  • “Ban Hammer” item now gives +2 banishes per stack gained (from +1).
  • Medic: “Antidote Flask” weapon damage per level increased to +25 (from +15).
  • Medic: “Frost Flask” weapon damage per level increased to +30 (from +20).
  • Medic: “Reanimation” ability now has HP restored and Invincibility after activation scaling per level.

We’ll continue to work on the remaining issues over time and improve options that don’t seem ideal yet (looking at you, Arrow Penetration). We plan to address the rest of the feedback related to the recent changes, but we ask you to wait a little longer as many of the changes require time to implement and most likely a few days of beta testing.

We’ll also be working on optimizing the code and fixing some underlying issues / streamlining some calculations, so the next few weeks may not look as spectacular at first glance, but are still crucial for the health of the game in the long run. We can assure you that we’re fully committed to this game and will continue to tweak and improve it on all fronts.

Thank you for your support!

ㅤStay awesome,
ㅤㅤAwesome Games Studio