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Wizard of Legend » Wizard of Legend: Phantom Update (v1.23)

Hey Everyone!

We’re back with a new update which adds a plethora of arcana and relics along with various quality of life improvements and rebalancing. With this update, Tomi is finally satiated and will no longer be able to hold any new arcana. We’ve also added a new relic grouping system that will merge similar relics together into a collection so that you can save on inventory space. There are too many changes to mention here, but below is a quick overview of what you can expect:


  • 16 new arcana (2 for each base element, 6 chaos)
  • 12 new signatures (2 for each base element, 2 chaos)
  • UI markers for arcana and relic types
  • Doubled loadout slots with Cammy
  • 11 new relics with new grouping system
  • 2 new combine relics
  • 7 new cursed relics
  • Readjustment and balancing of relics and arcana

You can find a more info on the change log!

Summer Games Done Quick

Also, for those of you that missed it, Wizard of Legend was featured in a segment during the latest Summer Games Done Quick! You can check out a VOD of the run here (spoiler warning):

That’s all for today! Thank you again for all the support you’ve shown for Wizard of Legend!

-Contingent99 Team