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Helldivers » Wishing you all a happy Liberty Day!

Citizens and Helldivers, it’s Liberty Day! Every year on October 26th, we celebrate the anniversary of Managed Democracy on Super Earth, where they fought from the darkness into the light of Freedom.

Our veteran Helldivers are familiar with our most important holiday, but as we prepare to launch HELLDIVERS™ 2 next year, we’re also welcoming a whole new generation of players to celebrate with us.

So what is Liberty Day? We had a chat with founder Malin Hedström, Lucy Armelin from community & support, and narrative lead Nils Hansson Bjerke about the inspiration behind the holiday, both in-game and out.

And finally… We require that all new recruits take a moment to reflect on what Super Earth has done for democracy. By Super Earth law, you are required to view this year’s Liberty Day PSA, but from us at Arrowhead we hope you also enjoy it.

Wishing you all a happy Liberty Day!
HELLDIVERS™ 2 is almost here, recruits! We’ll see you on the battlefield on February 8th!

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