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Neon Sundown » Winter Update (v2.2) | Now Available!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been awhile since the last update, and so I thought I’d release a limited time event for the winter season, along with some other new permanent content and changes / bug fixes! Do keep in mind that this patch is no where near the size of the Black Market update (V2), and is just meant to add in some new content and the limited time arena. (just wanting to set expectations)

NOTE: For those wondering about the trials update, you can find more info on it below.

Limited Time Arena – Sub Zero

A limited time arena is now ready to take on, Sub Zero! This is one of the hardest arenas ever added to the game, and with very little room to move around, you’ll need to time every dodge and shot perfectly. The arena will be available until January 7th, so complete it while you still can!

New Ship – Cryonetic

A brand new winter themed ship is available in the Black Market, Cryonetic! It’s an agile ship that fires explosive freezing bullets, which slow down any enemies unlucky enough to get in its range.

New Cards – Chill Aura

A new card can now be unlocked from the Black Market, Chill Aura! This chilly card reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies, allowing you to squeeze out of tense situations. (also note and additional card has been re-added to the game in the black market, Syphon)

New Menu Track – Bruiser

A new track is now available for unlock in the Black Market! This is quite a different track from the other ones currently available, but fits the tone of the winter update quite well.

Full patch notes (can also be found in-game)

– Added a new limited time arena, Sub Zero
– Added new black market ship, Cryonetic
– Added new black market card, Syphon (re-enabled)
– Added new black market card, Chill Aura (community)
– Added new black market audio mod, Bruiser
– New hidden Steam achievement

– Improved menu interface design and clarity
– Added “Arena Boss” info to arena panel
– Added rank requirements to all ships (visual change)
– Changed boss bar design for improved clarity
– Removed “Master Synergies” coming soon panel

– Fixed lasers from Laserchain not killing player
– Fixed multishot breaking Sentinels energy beams
– Fixed incompatible ship cards not being blacklisted
– Fixed stat display issue when changing ships

Update on Trials

I have talked a bit about this on Discord already, but unfortunately the planned “Trials Update” is not being worked on anymore. (at least for the time being, this may change in the future) I really do want to work on this update, but the reality is I currently do not have the time nor funding to do so. I understand this will be very disappointing news for some, and to that I’m truly sorry. I try to be open and honest about the decisions I make and why, and so I don’t want anyone getting their hopes up thinking it might still be coming.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons from this though, and about being careful what to promise. Often times I get caught up in my own excitement about new features that I never properly think them through and if I’ll be able to add them, so I will not make the same mistake again going forward. If anyone wants to discuss this any further, feel free to let me know in the discussion thread below, or on our Discord server. I will do my best to respond to all of them.

With all that said, I hope you still enjoy what this update has to offer. It definitely wont be that last content update, and I plan on doing more like this in the future!

~ Ben