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Crimson Dawn » Winter Major Update #3 – New Map, New Class and New Weapons!

Hey everyone!

It’s been more than two months since Crimson Dawn was released in Early Access and It’s hard to convey how much your support motivates us to continue creating new content for the game and improve its mechanics until the very end of this year.
May this holiday season brighten you up with happiness, joy and good cheer with the last Major Update of this 2022 year. This Update is dedicated to Winter and Christmas themes and brings you a new map, class, and two physical weapons.

🌟New Map: Town of Madness🌟

Are you courageous enough to enter the Town of Madness and face the hordes of the undead? Enemies on this map act instinctively by huddling in groups, so you will encounter unique spawn patterns that require you to be strategic and search for the best combinations of weapons and attributes.

How to unlock: New map will be available for exploration once you complete the 4th mission on Mystic Meadows map.

🌟New Class: Witch Huntress🌟

Previously, our adventurers have not faced this level of menace as the Town of Madness. therefore, the ranks of mercenaries will be replenished by a specialist in the extermination of evil.
Dedicated inquisitor, Fiery Redhead expert with Muskets and Maces who has only one starting weapon slot for the physical weapons only.
Special ability: Every 2 physical weapons increase damage by 5 and damage over time by 2 for all physical weapons.

How to unlock: Witch Huntress class will be available for hire in the tavern once you complete the 2nd mission on the new Town of Madness map.

🌟New Physical Weapons🌟

Fires bullets at enemies with the highest amount of health, penetrating targets as it passes through them. Bullets continue to fly for a while and continue to penetrate targets if possible.
Witch Huntress class uses Musket as a default primary weapon although it is also available for all other classes.

How to unlock: Musket will be automatically unlocked after you hire Witch Huntress in the tavern.

Fire Mace

Smash the Fire Mace into the ground, causing main damage on the initial hit and burning enemies for a while after.

How to unlock: Fire Mace weapon will be unlocked once you complete the 3rd mission on Town of Madness map.

Other Changes
Uinque Spawn Patterns

We add unique monster spawn patterns like swarms, circles, walls, etc., that will complicate and diversify your experience of playing on the new map.
This mechanic is unique to Town of Madness map only!

Map selection reworked

As the number of in-game content increases, we are trying to rework various UI elements to make them more suitable to the current state of the game.
Thus, the choice of the map before the start of the race is now more visually explicit and each map has a separate icon.


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This update is a part of our Content Roadmap 2022, please, check it to find more information on the next updates releases.

We hope you will continue to enjoy and support Crimson Dawn. Happy Christmas and New Year!
Purple Lake Team