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Nordic Ashes » Winter Festival is here!

Hello Survivors!
In this post we’d like to introduce Nordic Ashes Winter Festival!

It will take place from December 1st until January 4th.
This Winter Festival includes the following:

A festive Talkôr skin

Even though he looks a bit grumpy, we’re sure he’ll be a nice Santa. All his Relics have got a festive skin too! Conquer Jotunheim playing with Talkôr and keep it as a permanent skin.

Winter Jotunheim

Festive decorations all over Jotunheim. You will be able to spot some funny costumes in enemies too (we’re big fans of the Protectors lol).
Remember you can reduce the number of freezing stacks from the Jotunheim curse if you possess fire relics, the more the better.

Winter themed relics

Last year you enjoyed so much the winter relics. This year we’ve added ascensions so they are even stronger!
Please notice that themed relics will appear more often than regular ones.
On that note, you may disable the Winter event on the Settings panel if you prefer to play regular runs.

Improvements and fixes
  • Translations updated: Chinese, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Ukrainian and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Sindrok’s bug that made you invincible.

We hope you enjoy this Winter Season as much as we did developing it!
Next steps will lead us to Asgard, the last of the 9 Realms. Hopefully, this new map will be released before the end of December.

Thanks again for all your feedback and comments, we always try to read everything, and even though we’re not able to answer everyone, it certainly makes us smile when we read you 😊
Wish you an amazing weekend, and see you next week!

As always, if you have any suggestions, issues or any kind of feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us:
🔸 Discord.
🔸 Steam Community.