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Cult of the Lamb » Who Gave the Lamb a Gun?! New Weapon Revealed!

Lamb With a Gun

If you remember, we have been sharing teasers from our upcoming update, Sins of the Flesh, every week up until December 25th! This week, we bring you..


Beneath the twinkling lights, a festive fray,
Bishops clash in a merry ballet.
Sins of the Flesh, holiday fight begun,
Stick your hands up and run
It’s time for Lamb with a Gun


A Lamb-mas Carol

We’re currently holding a winter art event over on our Discord and Reddit! Join in with any entry that has a winter theme (with COTL characters or imagery) for a chance to win ANY Devolver Digital game of your choice on Steam! Check out the rules and how to enter here.

The deadline for this contest is December 11th to January 8th 2024.

Bug Reporting

Thank you for all of your support for our upcoming free update!

As a reminder, we are still hard at work on fixing lots of pesky bugs, and have lots of key fixes and requested features lined up already for when the next update comes out! If you do come across any issues, please report them in-game via the pause menu so we can investigate!

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