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Whisker Squadron: Untitled Space Game » Whisker Squadron is TWO GAMES now! And the first one is about to launch.

Some of you have been following Whisker Squadron since 2021. You’re likely seeing this update because you’ve followed or Wishlisted “Whisker Squadron”, which started out as a sort of procedural Star Fox.

A lot has happened since then!

We added a major space element to the game with free-form movement, and that became the major focus.

We also leaned harder into “roguelite” elements and found a lot of inspiration in games like Vampire Survivors with their slick in-level “level up” system.

Enter Whisker Squadron: Survivor

And at some point, we realized that Whisker Squadron really wanted to be TWO whole games:
1. An on-rails “corridor shooter”
2. A space game.

The first game in this series is called Whisker Squadron: Survivor, we have been working on it pretty exclusively for about a year now, and it will launch in just under 3 weeks on August 21. If you like Star Fox, or “Bullet Heaven” games like Vampire Surivivors, you are going to LOVE Whisker Squadron: Survivor:

You can see a trailer for it here:

What about “Whisker Squadron”?

The second game in the series (the one you’re reading this update post on) will focus on space gameplay with full freedom of movement (no on-rails gameplay).

It will also be getting a shiny new name soon to help clear up any confusion.

Rest assured, Whisker Squadron: is still happening! We’re looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming months about our plans. It will launch in 2024 or later, and you’ll be the first ones to hear about it here in steam news.

Thanks for reading!