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Death Ray Manta SE » Where we’re up to, then.


Right, so due to me hitting the deck with the flu for most of October and it bouncing back a few weeks back (huzzah!) I am *way* behind schedule.

I’m starting to feel a bit better so I guess whilst I’m vaguely up and on my feet, I best get some of that stuff done I’m supposed to be doing on this game then.

So to get me back into the swing of things I knocked out a small update tonight. It’s nothing big or special but it was requested and a fairly easy thing to add in so why not, right? Someone asked for a way to just show the furthest room they’d gotten to rather than the high score and I figured, well, that’d help me get back looking into the code and there we go. Pressing Y on the gamepad or 1 on the keyboard whilst on the title screen switches the title screen high scores between the furthest astrozone reached or high score (that’s astrozone+gems, rat fans)

Next up then is picking back up with the rest of the requests I’ve received. Before I can get on with them proper I need to code up a reasonable menu system so that’s my next and most immediate thing to do. Once that’s done, the rest sorta falls into place over a couple of afternoons of work. But as I say, I’m only *just* picking up from flu so we’ll see. I was hoping to hold everything back for one update but I suspect banging out bits here and there when I can is the better option. It’s not like any of this is especially difficult per se, it’s just that everything is much more difficult when getting off the sofa is difficult.

So on the list to work through next:

Window/Full screen toggles that saves your preference.
Ability to change the amount of effects.
Opacity/type of text box that appears on screen. (this is the fiddliest as the box does a few other things but I’ve a few ideas)
SFX/Music toggles.
Better Steam Controller support (hopefully, anyway! This is a bit down the list because I haven’t actually got a Steam Controller to play with yet but hopefully I can lay my mits on one soon. It’s on the list, regardless.)

What I’d like to do once that’s done:

Get some achievements in there.
Tweak a few effects to improve them (the player in/out could probably be a little bit better)
Possibly port to Mac/Linux. Both of these are pretty big maybes at the mo. Mac because I don’t really have the money for a new Mac right now and Linux because I need the time to sit down and set up Linux and make sure everything is working ok in it. Given wonky health and the need to plough on with another game, mmmm no promises. I will see what I can do though.

Right. So once again thank you very much to everyone who’s already bought a copy of the game, said nice things about it and all that jazz. It’s very much appreciated and I’m glad folks have been enjoying it. I hear there’s a sale on the horizon soon so if you’ve not taken a look, well, maybe it might be worth a gander in a small while?

Anyway! Onwards! As usual, any comments or queries please feel free to drop into the forum and leave your thoughts.