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Neon Abyss » What’s Next for Neon Abyss?

Dear players,

I’m Lans, the producer of Neon Abyss. The game has been officially launched for 3 years now, I’d like to take this opportunity to chat with you about what the team has been up to recently and plans for the future. To give you a clearer picture of our current situation, I’ve summarized a few key questions that many of you are concerned about:

1. What is Veewo currently working on?

We’re currently making a sequel to Neon Abyss.

2. What new content and features will the Neon Abyss sequel have?

Firstly, the sequel will feature multiplayer. After a year of development, the multiplayer part of the sequel is now fully functional.

Moreover, the sequel to Neon Abyss will feature a completely new storyline, along with a wide range of thrilling new content. This will include challenging new bosses, each with their own distinct characteristics and interesting mechanics, a diverse cast of new characters with unique abilities, and a vast array of new weapons and items that will offer players even more opportunities to customize their gameplay experience and experiment with different play styles.

Additionally, we are working diligently to address some of the criticisms we received, such as excessive item repetition, lack of differentiation between weapons, and insufficient gameplay and content. The sequel will also introduce entirely new mechanisms and systems.

Keep an eye on our social media channels and website for updates.

3. Has Neon Abyss been ported to mobile?

You may have heard about a mobile version of Neon Abyss. It is a freemium game called Neon Abyss: Infinity, that was developed independently by another company, using our IP under license. We were not involved in its development. Although it looks similar to the PC and console versions, the gameplay and mechanics are different due to the freemium model. As of now, we have no plans to develop a mobile game on our own. But if you are interested in a mobile version of Neon Abyss, feel free to check it out.

Our goal has always been to create great games and treat players with sincerity. We value all reviews and feedback, positive or negative, as they reflect players’ expectations and attention towards us. Join our Discord ( to share your opinions and suggestions directly with us. We are committed to continuously improving and growing.

We will give away free CD-KEYs for the sequel (to be redeemed upon release) to the first 100 Neon Abyss players with ideas and suggestions for the sequel in the comments.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We will do our best to create even better games.