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Beautiful Mystic Survivors » What’s next for Beautiful Mystic Survivors

Hello @everyone ,

We hope that you were enjoying the latest update last week!

We are grateful for your feedback, from which we were able to make the game a little better after every patch. As for the future content, here is our plan:

  • Add more levels with unique environmental features, monsters, and bosses.
  • Add more characters with unique play styles and appealing appearances.
  • Add more fun weapons and evolutions.
  • Revise and add more relics.
  • Implement systems that allow players to challenge even greater difficulties and attain new power heights.
  • Implement gameplay mechanics that make our game more fun and unique.

Note that due to the high production quality of our game, it takes a significant amount of time to add more content to the game. For example, a new level can take our small team a month to implement. For that reason, we will not be able to publish updates as frequently as other games in the same genre. Rest assured, please know that our team has been and will be working very hard to make the game better!

Thank you very much for your patience and continuous support!

Best wishes,
AMG team

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