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Don't Shit On My #!$@& Roof » What’s going on and why has there been total silence for several months?

Pigeon killers and rooftop defenders, hello,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for all the bad things that have happened to the game since March.

To put it simply, we were working on the follow-up to Update 0.4. Our focus was on revamping the UI and the diffuculty system, as well as adding classic content.
Unfortunately, in April, a piece of news put a stop to our plans.

The Moon Pirates company went bankrupt, and we were forced to enter legal proceedings.

During this initial period, we were not allowed to comment on the matter, and had to halt all our production plans.
Yesterday, the trial took place and the verdict obliges us to withdraw all our games from sale, including “Don’t Shit On My #!$@& Roof”.

The procedure can take up to a year.

What we hope now is that the intellectual property of our games is not taken away from us. If it isn’t, we’ll be able to reactivate the Steam page and resume work on it.
If this happens, the game will have to remain in this state.

Unfortunately, the news doesn’t please anyone. We had set up The Moon Pirates because we love making video games: inventing systems, playing games, making music, graphics, coding, …

We hope to be able to resume our creative activity on our games, in whatever form that may take.

I hope you’ll understand the situation we’re in and bear with us.

Once again, on behalf of The Moon Pirates team, I apologize for the silence and for the difficult months ahead.