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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor » What we learned from the Playtest

Hello Survivors.

The Steam Playtest of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has now concluded, and we want to thank everyone who took part! We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the popularity of, what we thought would be a relatively small scale test of a pretty early version of the game. Instead we ended up inviting over ten thousand of you to give us an answer to our most burning question: “Are we on to something?”

We’ve read every single comment, bug report and feature suggestions, and while we won’t try and summarize all of it, here is a few things we have learned or confirmed:

Perhaps this version was a bit too hard
We all like a good challenge, and generally you also liked the difficulty of the game after you unlocked a few meta upgrades, but the very beginning of the game could definitely be easier to better onboard new players. In general, we think it’s premature to get too detailed about the balance of the game because we haven’t added overclocks or any classes besides Scout which will massively impact the balance. Expect many more balance passes in the future.

Power increase should be less linear and more spiky
You can definitely make an overpowered build already by stacking up certain passive bonuses until it takes off, but it doesn’t currently feel exciting enough to get there. We think a good survivor-like has intermittent power spikes where you feel temporarily overpowered and can run AT the enemies instead of away from them. We are working on something exciting to fix this, and we will go into more details in the next Steam News post.

You like where we are going with this
We knew making a DRG spin-off would come with certain expectations in terms of quality and depth, and especially so when it has the audacity to break with the DRG core pillar of co-op multiplayer. Yet the vast majority of your feedback has been super positive.

Once again, thanks for helping us test the game. We couldn’t do this without you.

Rock and stone!

Funday Games

PS: If you’re looking for something to play while waiting for the next time DRG:S is playable, check out the Playtest for our other game Don’t Die in the West – a Western survival-crafting adventure game