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Elewar: Fused Survivors » What Im working on + new high end settings, bugfixes, status tooltips

Hey everyone! Todays update with several new QOL features as requested by one of the top highscorers Chab.

Additionally Im quite excited to tell you about the next steps of Elewar: Fused Survivors!
My internal build now has a finalised version of the Spell Discharge … in it’s new rarity!
You will be able to fuse Discharge with your other spells to create a new monstrosity, never seen before.

Epic Rarity will come after legendary, but to use this one you will need to fulfill several conditions.
Im also done programming 3 new spells featuring a completely new Element: Holy

Next up on my list are: more Epic Spells, Advanced Unlocks, 3rd Realm: Heaven
And i’ve got 2 weeks holidays from now on, so i can start programming at those in full speed!

For more teasers and small vid’s about upcoming content you are welcome to join my discord channel.
(You can find the link in the game’s main menu)

Patchnotes for this day:

  • fixed a bug where the dmg statistic did not include extra modifiers E.G. Discharge 15x Explosion dmg, Chain Shock 5% extra dmg per target left, Wave 200% extra dmg on max range etc.
  • The dmg those skills applied was correct, but the statistic did not include those modifiers —-> those skills felt much better than their dmg statistic at the end
  • implemented a remove spell functionally. Will be used later on
  • added a new setting to disable all enemy visual effects, careful only use on immortal builds!
  • added a new setting to automatically cast your utility spells on cooldown (Automate Parry, Projectile Boost etc.)
  • inventory is now automatically sorted when you start a run
  • easy mode now deactivates when playing on trial 5 or higher
  • added an explanation to status ailments as a tooltip to lvlup menu
  • fixed a bug where Phasing Body on legendary did not add +50% dodge correctly