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Hero of Fate » [Westland Storm] DLC is now available for free!

Hi everyone, I’m the producer of the game, Yui Yuko. I’ve kept you all waiting for a while, and I’ve been bursting at the seams to prepare for the DLC. This time, the [Western Winds and Clouds] DLC is available for free to everyone, and I’d like to thank you all for your support and recognition of Heroes of Fate.
This update not only brings brand new content for the DLC, but also a talent system~

The new content is as follows:
1、New level “Westland Wind and Cloud” difficulty 1, 2, 3.
2、New level “Westland Winds and Clouds Endless Mode”.

1、New profession “Dancing Girl”.
Background: Maixi Aarans Ekadel was born in the Faraya Kingdom in the far north, a desert city located in the continent of Barnum. However, because of the long-term war between the countries of Barnum, Mai Xi had to follow her grandfather to leave her home. Unfortunately ……..
Skill 1: Dance of Inferno
Description: Fly a burning fan and spin back to attack the enemy, dealing 100 points of damage.
Skill 2: Dance of Binding
Description: [Auxiliary] [Dancer Exclusive] For 15 seconds, all enemies’ movement speed is reduced by 6%.
Skill 3: Cursed Dance
Description: [Auxiliary] [Dancer’s Special] For 15 seconds, the application form of all enemies is reduced by 10%.
Skill 4: Dance of War
Description: [Secondary] [Dancer’s Special] Reduces the cooldown of all team members by 3% for 8 seconds.
Skill 5: Dance of Souls
Seconds: [Auxiliary] [Dancer’s Exclusive] For 15 seconds, team members’ (10) is increased by 30% and their (10) is increased by 10%.

2. New profession “Druid”.
Background: Elena is a half-elf, her mother is an elf druid, and her father is the mayor of Water Mist Village. Under her mother’s careful teaching, she has become an excellent druid. However ………
Skill 1: Root Entanglement
Description: Sends out tree roots to entangle and attack the enemy, (peal 3 sec) deals 100 damage/1 sec and has a 10% chance to stun the enemy for 1 sec
Skill 2: Earth Totem
Description: [Assist] [Druid Exclusive] For 15 seconds, team members’ (13) +30% and LD +10%.
Skill 3: Beast Mastery
Description:【Assistant】【Exclusive to Druid】For 15 seconds, all summoned creatures and guardian spirits attack +20%.
Skill 4: Nature Exaltation
Description:”Assisted】【Druid Exclusive】For 15 seconds, all skill damage of team members is increased by 10%.

1. Added the “Mission from the Association” event.
2. Added “Park Sewer” event.
3. Added “Hunting Trip” event.
4. Added “Bad Water Crossing”, “Bad Water Crossing II”, and “Bad Water Crossing III” events.
5. Added “Misty Village Association” event.
6. Added “Village Chief’s House” event.
7. Added “Water Mist Forest” event.
8. Added “Water Mist Alchemy” event.
9. Added “Slave Girl”, “Slave Girl II” and “Slave Girl III” events.
10. Added “Leap into the Abyss” and “Leap into the Abyss II” events.
11. Added “Tears of Ladonna” event.
12. Added “Abandoned Warehouse” event.
13. Added “Park Sewer” event.
14. Added “Casino” event.
15. Added “Cemetery on the outskirts of town” event.

[Guardian Spirit]
1. Added “Knight Attendant” guardian spirit.
2. Added “Phantom” guardian spirit.

1. New public skill “Concealed Weapon Throwing”, advanced to “Rain of Flowers”.

[System Adjustment]
1. New statistic display of skills selected when upgrading in the backpack.
2. Adjusted all upgraded skills to the final cumulative value.
3、Adjust some of the skills that appear when upgrading, intelligence and strength adjusted to +10, the upper limit of 20 levels.
4、New talent system, players can choose their own talent.
5、New Ecliptic Moon system, Ecliptic Moon will make the enemy stronger and make the protagonist’s attributes lower, Ecliptic Moon will replace the normal upgrade rewards when the level is 30, 50, 75, 95 under difficulty 2 and difficulty 3.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations
Repair and optimize several game bugs feedback by players.