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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor » We’re closing the DRG: Survivor demo pretty soon

Hello Miners,

Demo season’s been a treat! We’ve been smiling a lot at your enthusiastic response to Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. In fact, we’re smiling so big that we’re discovering new teeth we never knew we had. This is your fault! Thanks a lot.

Here are a few things that made us especially happy:

  • DRG: Survivor made it into the top 3 most-wishlisted among all Next Fest demos
  • We were the most-wishlisted game in our home country of Denmark
  • We reached a peak of over 2,800 concurrent players, which is like if every single person in Middlefield, Ohio all played the demo at once

Despite all this, we’re going to have to end the demo soon, because the pygmy goat that runs on the treadmill powering our servers is getting tired.

The demo closes on Monday, October 30th – so enjoy it as much as you can before then!

After we wrap it up, we’ll spend a few months tweaking and tinkering, taking in all the feedback we’ve gathered from you brave miners, to make sure the game’s in tip-top form for launch day. Speaking of launch day, we’re aiming for somewhere in Q1 in 2024. We’ll keep you posted on that.

That’s it for now! Rock and Stone to all you beautiful dwarves.

-Funday Games