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Paper Planet » We’re Back! (Small Update)

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Hey everyone! We’re back from our much-needed vacations and working on the game again! Though we’re still revving our engines, we’ve gotten together a small update with 7 new items for ya.

(A preview of the new items)


– Added Ms Slashy
– Added Tornado
– Added Panic Button
– Added Mysterious Potion
– Added Mysterious Cake
– Added Queen’s Scepter
– Added Six Shooter
– Reworked Tyrant’s Crown to have normal bullets follow charged bullets more closely
– Increased the homing strength of Lockon Radar

So what’s next?

While the pace of development may be a little slower due to Karl and I trying to start our professional lives (we’re both in our early twenties), we’re planning to re-add a more comprehensive version of the boss dialogue from the demo, add new alternate boss forms that the player can encounter, experiment with adding some form of item rerolling to the game, and squash some of the bug reports that have been building up while we’ve been on break.

Other things we’ve been considering but have not made any plans to implement are:
– An endless mode
– Online co-op
– Greater modding support

We can’t make any promises for these features due to the uncertain status of our availability and the Unity game engine as a whole, and if they are added it will likely be far into the future, but we would still like to see them implemented if possible.

And of course thank you guys for your continued support of Paper Planet! We never thought the game would go this far when we started it as a hobby project in high school, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us.

Sincerely, Will and Karl


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