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Undead West » Welcome to Undead West! Watch the Reveal Trailer!


We are Deathless Games (developer) and Retrovibe (publisher) and we are thrilled to share with you the reveal trailer of Undead West! Grab your revolvers and get a shot of good whiskey as it is time to enter the noir world of our western themed roguelite bullet hell game!

Watch the reveal trailer:

Coming in 2024, Undead West will take you on a quest of revenge where you will shoot your way through enemies, dodge through numerous traps, unlock new guns and whiskey boons as well as colorful outfits in this western noir tinged shooter!

Undead West features:
  • Wide array of weapons including various types of revolvers, shotguns, rifles or even bow and minigun!
  • 7 western themed stages with randomized rooms and enemy spawns
  • Unique enemies and bosses to defeat on each stage
  • Whiskey infusions, special buffs and boon rewards
  • Unlockable outfits for your character!
  • Noir tinged pixel art visuals
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