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Geometry Arena » Welcome to play the latest version of Geometry Arena 2

About Demo

Hello everyone, I am 011, the developer of Geometry Arena 2.

Geometry Arena 2 has participated in Steam New Fest, and the demo is now available for download and play.
In addition, the game will be released on July 15 and enter the Early Access stage.

The Demo provides the latest in-development version of Geometry Arena 2, and will continue to be updated.
On one hand, I want to get the latest and most effective player feedback to help me improve the game.
On the other hand, I hope it will help everyone make informed purchase decisions in advance and avoid potential disappointment.

If you like this game, don’t forget to add it to your wishlist!

Feel free to share any suggestions or feedback via Steam or Discord. I’d love to hear from you.
Geometry Arena 2 Discord

Development Plan

In the next few weeks before the Early Access, I have the following development plans:

  • Remake SFX and BGM to match the new art style.
  • Finishing up the art remake.
  • Redesigning the shape and mechanics of all enemies.
  • New weapon or body.
  • Many new upgrades, possibly involving new ally or building units.
  • QoL features.