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Helmscape » Welcome Next Fest Players!

It’s festival time! Here’s one more big update to kick off the week, including a new enemy if you make it through the demo map’s silver gate.

I hope you enjoy the demo, and thanks again to everyone in Discord sharing bug reports and feedback.

Full change list
  • add new ogre chieftains at silver gate
  • add sound effects for UI buttons
  • use a rising portcullis instead of a collapsing gate
  • fix blacksmith window conflicting with main menu
  • fix gates sometimes failing
  • add basic quality/performance settings
  • add battle calls when using helm ults
  • add glowing fiery orb above Min’s ult
  • add sparks around Han’s ult
  • add sparks to Min’s starter wand
  • add lots of sparks to Min’s arcane explosion
  • add looping sparks to start of Rea’s heal beam
  • add better heal effects
  • add a lot more sparks to Han’s trap firing
  • add vertical slash to Fig’s axe
  • add chickobo hit sounds and visual effects
  • add hero groans when grabbed by vines
  • improve various sound effects
  • fix paths with unicode characters causing save game error
  • fix pressing escape while viewing settings (from pause menu)
  • fix some errors if you manually return to camp
  • fix number of enemies being able to get too high
  • fix Rea’s aim not being precise near trees