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Nebula » Welcome in Nebula

Jump on your spaceship and start to clean our galaxies. Invaders are attacking in masses and you are the only one who can stop them.

Whats new in version v1.1.3 compare to Demo:

  • 6 new type of weapons available on start and another 8 weapons awaiting for discovery.
  • 4 new spaceships to your disposal plus another 4 to be unlocked.
  • Additional, unlock-able maps with increasing difficulty level. You will have to prove yourself by beating each mission in order to unlock next levels.
  • More Power-Ups available in Hangar and during the missions.
  • You can loot now from invaders few more, temporarily yet powerful buffs.

Over last couple of months Nebula was evolving rapidly thanks too the feedback from a super community that has gathered around this game. Many improvements and fixes were implemented thanks to the players involvement and I cannot express enough how much I am thankful for that.

Although Nebula might feel like a challenging experience at the early stages it is quite fun and rewarding once you grasp the mechanics. Therefore do not be discourage with small failures, come back stronger and clean the galaxy.

What is the most important, Have Fun!