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Death Ray Manta SE » Week One and here we are

Well. Obviously, the game is out. You might have noticed that! Thanks to everyone who’s picked up a copy either here or elsewhere, your support is massively appreciated.

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the game and that’s been especially cheering, y’know? Thank you all.

Whilst I won’t be expanding the game itself, there’s still a fair bit of stuff around the edges that can be added in so I’m going to take a nice cruise around that. I’ve already put out a small update to deal with a few criticisms, it seemed a bit rubbish not to when they’re faily easy fixes.

-Adjusted font to be more readable. Hopefully anyway.
-Windowed mode is now borderless (option for border/borderless in the next one if nothing goes wrong)
-Title screen now displays last session/best session scores. Needs tidying up but hey, it’s there.
-slight adjustment to pause screen

The next update after this should, hopefully, add a menu in the game for folks to fiddle with window/full screen and volume stuff as well as making for a cleaner exit from the game. Not sure what’s up after that, mind. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve had a quick chat with partner-in-crime Andy about tying the game into some Steam stuff, like achievements and that. We’ve got a few ideas to work through anyway.

And folks waiting for keys from old bundles, I have dropped a mail bundler way but who even knows the what and where of how long it’s going to take from there, sorry.

Anyway, yeah. Thank you all for the support over the past week. It’s been massively appreciated and I’m glad to see so many people enjoying my silly little videogame.