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Hell Slayer » Week 2: Collection Screen & Executioners Axe

Executioners Axe

The Executioners Axe has received a slight rework as well as a legendary upgrade. Legendary upgrades are extremely powerful but also very rare. You can’t depend on getting a legendary upgrade, but if you happen to find one it can really spice up your build.

Bleed deals a max health percentage damage over 3 seconds. It is very good for killing bosses and other high HP enemies, but too slow to be effective against smaller foes.

The legendary upgrade also gives life leech on the bleed portion of the attack and as such can really turn the tide of battle against bosses.

Collections Screen

You can now access a Collections screen in the Armory. It will show you exactly what weapons & trinkets you have unlocked, and which you still need to find.

Other Changes
  • “Looming Death (Lvl. 1)” has been renamed to “Brutal Difficulty”.
  • Brutal Difficulty: Now has a additional +100% Boss Health modifier. Demonic Strength modifier has been reduced from 75% to 65% to compensate.
  • Fixed a bug where melee weapons were always using medium range rather than auto adjusting their attack range based on how far away the demons are. (You won’t need as many AoE upgrades anymore with this.)
  • Fixed a bug where enemies on Brutal difficulty were getting more Knockback resistance than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the player sprite was misaligned with the collision box when facing left.
  • Fixed a bug where items could be found before the unlock requirements were fulfilled.
  • A run is now counted as victorious if the player survives past the 25 minute mark, even if the boss hasn’t been defeated.
  • Fixed a bug where the trinkets weren’t affecting the shown stats on the end screen.
  • The damage the player can receive in a single frame is no longer capped to one enemy. Instead it is now damage_of_the_strongest_enemy + 25% of everyone else touching the player at the same time. This should avoid making face taking viable on higher waves/difficulties.
  • End Screen now has slightly flashier icons.