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Hyperhell » Webcage update

Never before in my life has it felt exactly like this.

Webcage joins the Hyperhell roster!
Armed with a burst pistol and the ability to summon turrets, they make up for their slower speed with overwhelming ammo efficiency and smart use of multi-directional attacks.
You can unlock them by completing 5 challenges (if already done, just start a run normally and you’ll unlock on spawn) or with cheats by pressing 1 and 9 on the main menu to unlock everything

Showcase vid here

-New character: Webcage
= ability: turrets – duplicate current gun and set it on small turret which despawns after 10s or when it runs out of ammo
+ start with burst pistol
– slower than most

-New powerup: HYPER BULLETS, increases speed of all projectiles and multiplies their strength by 5. Lasts 16 seconds (longer than any other powerup!)

-Reordered some challenges and added the new one to ‘defeat 2 minibosses in the same stage’

-Tweaked post loop bosses to be less RNG based (land lord of the flies got a MASSIVE nerf post loop, terf wizard a normal nerf, and ceo borg a slight nerf. Thatcher is mostly unchanged)

-Keyboard rebinding added

-Cursor resizing added

-Fixed a really nasty bug where evil grungo + booster bruce would sometimes randomly crash the game, should hopefully be no more random crashes anymore

-Fixed a bunch of misc bugs (melee deleting itself on edge of map, FULL AUTO powerup being buggy, barrels being buggy and stopping slides, and more that I’m probably forgetting)