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Vilde » Weapons Galore! Unleashing New Arsenal in Vilde

Attention, fearless warriors of Vilde! It’s that time again – a fresh month brings fresh updates to our Norse-inspired world. We’re talking a blitz of ranged draugrs, fearsome warhammers, ice assault rifles, and a whole arsenal to turn the tide of battle.

Ranged Draugr

Draugr news update: they’ve discovered long-range combat. Great, as if dealing with the undead wasn’t tough enough.

Warhammer – A Mighty Tool of Destruction

Channel the thunderous might of the warhammer and crush your foes with every powerful swing. Lightning not included.

Arctic Huntress – Freeze Your Enemies in Their Tracks

The coolest rifle, trust.

New Location – Ancient Fire Temple

Meet the Ancient Fire Temple: energy-filled, divine tree hosting, inside a mountain.

From Fiery Breath to Frozen Gazes – Concept Sketches

Explore a myriad of weapon concepts, each with its own unique twist.

Fancy new firepower? Wishlist us!