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Strafe: Gold Edition » WEAPON KEYS & AMMO STACKING


+Major changes to the inventory to accommodate number keys switching between guns
+Picking up multiple of the same gun now stacks the ammo beyond one clip (but limited to a fixed amount per gun)


+Fixed issue that could cause saves from locking up
+Fixed issue that could leave damage overlay visible throughout some secrets
+Fixed issue making save terminals more difficult to activate than intended
+Adjusted placement on the save and exit terminal in the burbs
+Fixed issue stopping the canyon merchant from being robbable
+Fixed issue making low performance mode not enable itself when launching the game when applicable
+Fixed issue that was unintentionally reducing lil joby population
+Fixed issue that reduced a few sound effects volume
+Fixed issue making Luftenstein not work correctly in low performance mode
+Fixed minor Z-fighting in burbs merchant shop
+Fixed minor Z-fighting in the burbs exit room
+Fixed additional areas where enemies could spawn on train tracks