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City of Beats » Weapon #4 Update Playtest

Hey all,

we’re currently putting final touches on the game’s 4th weapon, the Acid Linkgun, which will be part of an upcoming big update:

New Features
  • Weapon #4, the Acid Linkgun – shoots deadly acid beams that connect to enemies or burst them down
  • Key Rebinding – one of the most-requested features will allow you to configure your controls
  • more balance tweaks & bugfixes

How to Playtest

To get the balance right, we’re looking for feedback! If you own the game, you can check out the playtest build for the upcoming patch:

  1. Right-click City of Beats in your library and click “Properties”, then “Betas”.
  2. Select “playtest” from the dropdown. (if you want to switch back to the standard build, select “None”)

Please note that progress while playing the playtest build is stored in a separate savegame file and won’t use or override your existing progress. You will already have all weapons unlocked and the new Acid Linkgun equipped. Achievements are disabled.

We suggest only playing the playtest build if you’ve already finished at least one run in the base game, to avoid spoilers.

Have a great day,