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Danger Scavenger » We raise our glasses for the Tilt Five™ Glasses!

Dear Scavengers,

We did not say our last words about the Danger Scavenger evolution. The question “how we can make our games even more immersive’ is a recurring thought inside the team – we often brainstorm about it, looking for the answers.

Speaking about Danger Scavenger…
What could we do to elevate the gameplay of the game that takes place on the skyscraper rooftops?

Then, the possibility of doing something together with the Tilt Five™ team came to the table. A three-piece Tilt Five™ Holographic Gaming System seemed like a fantastic opportunity to bring our beloved roguelike, Danger Scavenger, to… a new level. The catchphrase “a new level of the 3D vibrant holographic environment” sounds intriguing and inspiring, right?

So, we realized that it’s time to make a dedicated DLC!

Today marks the day of its premiere. Danger Scavenger AR – Tilt Five Edition brings a whole new perspective, a fresh approach, and new ways of playability to the game.

Put on the Glasses, find a place for the Gameboard and take the Wand in your hand. See you on the rooftops!

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