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Waves » Waves 2: Notorious Week Long Deal

The Fall Season has started in Waves 2: Notorious as new enemies and arenas shake up the status quo.

As a player of Waves I thought you might be interested to see what it’s sequel has been up to while it’s been in Early Access.

New enemies, weapons, abilities and game modes plus a new soundtrack, daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards (that can’t be maxed out) plus overall rankings based on your daily performance and that’s just what’s already in the game.

The Campaign and multiplayer modes are currently in development while the Arcade modes are practically finished (they receive updates roughly every 2-3 months).

If you want to know more about the game then why not check out this great guide written by [5150] (aka the best Waves 2 player in the world) and their more advanced Strategy Guide.

You can pick up Waves 2: Notorious for 20% off all week and join the fun!

Full Release is planned for Q2 2020 when the price will increase although it is possible that it may slip later into the year as I am just one developer and I’m not going to release it half-cooked.