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Waves 2: Notorious » Waves 2 in the WN Unreal Dev Contest Quarter Finals!

Vote for Waves!

Today is a day of excellent news! Waves 2: Notorious has made it to the Quarter Finals of the WN Unreal Dev Contest!

The top prizes for this contest include Publishing Deals and Development funding that would help support the rest of the game’s development.

Head over to the games page and give it your vote!

The Achievements Update

The next update nears closer. I have consistently overestimated how much work I can get done while being part-time on the game but the end is now in sight.

During today’s live stream I managed to get the number of broken or untested achievements down from 9 to just 3 out of 36. There are still 5 that need changes to Items before they can be tested but those changes are minor and should be done by this time next week.

User Interface Improvements

At some point, the ability to use the arrow keys and the D-Pad on controllers stopped working to navigate the menus. Next patch this will be fixed and there have been multiple tweaks to the UI flow and layout to make things easier for those players using control pads! No longer will you have to go all the way back to the main menu just to edit your loadout and picking your loadout will be much easier than ever before!


The Localization effort is going amazingly well!

While most of the languages are sitting around 50% complete the reality is that most of the remaining strings have been translated by Google and are getting upvoted by native speakers of those languages so the most popular languages are almost ready for their first trial in-game!

There are still ways to help out! The more votes a suggestion gets the more the green bar will fill up indicating the confidence in the translations are high. In order for a string to be considered “finished” it needs at least 3 votes so at this point we really just need help proofreading what’s already there!

Thank you to all the members of the community who have helped translate the game to date!