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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor » Watch us play the Demo!

Hello Survivors,

What a Next Fest we are having! We’ve been blown away by how many darling dwarves have been playing the demo for DRG: Survivor. We can hardly keep up with all the comments and Rock & Stone’s from all of you. We’re hard at work getting the game ready for Early Access launch in Q1 2024 (actual release date to follow), and it’s been extremely motivating to see the reactions so far.

Anders (Funday Founder & Game Director) and Rasmus (Lead Game Designer) sat down to play through the demo as well! Come watch the stream and hear all their cool design thoughts that go into making the game.

FYI, we couldn’t get Anders and Rasmus to stream live (they were busy making the game) so we had to pre-record it. So, we will not react to comments, but we do read all of them. And, come join our Discord if you have any comments, praise, critiques, thoughts, etc. We are building this game together with the awesome community that’s taking shape around DRG: Survivor.

See you at the stream, Survivors!

Rock and Stone

-Funday Games