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AutoHeroes » Watch PenguinSal Play AutoHeroes

A big thank you to PenguinSal for checking out our game. We’d like to share a few key observations for our players.

  • We recommend sticking to the ‘easy’ difficulty until you’re consistently winning at that level. PenguinSal just got lucky this time with some less-than-stellar skills from the enemy heroes – and a bit of good fortune in that match! 🙂
  • To the beginners who worry about their hero picking up a life potion at full health: don’t fret. As noted in the potion tooltip in the priority window, the potion increases your maximum health for the current round.
  • The best way to enhance attacks is to mix up different ones from the attack branch (something our friend the blogger slightly underestimated, sticking mostly to the basic attack, albeit a slightly enhanced one).
  • Chests can be opened to reveal artifacts – just click on them! And then you can improve them with coins.
  • You can rearrange priorities throughout the game based on your strategy and the situation at hand. Sometimes you might want to start hunting bosses (for additional artifacts and coins), and other times you might target enemy heroes.
  • If you find a particularly daunting opponent, it’s useful to do a bit of recon before the battle to study their skills.
  • Yes, as PenguinSal pointed out, you can customize teams and adjust the difficulty level of each opponent to find your perfect match. But what’s even more exciting is that you can play the game with friends. And in the demo version, this is absolutely free.

Thank you again, PenguinSal!