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Galacide » Warp Ahead update and Steam Discount!

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We’re incredibly excited about this. After three years of silence, we have a new update for Galacide with tons of improvements.

The Warp Ahead update brings Galacide from Unreal Engine 4.10.1 to 4.20.1, and now we have Steam Controller Support and Mouse Control on all of the menus, along with many changes below!

This is a big step for us, as we’ve been keeping the engine updated for quite some time, but haven’t been able to push an udpate. Stay tuned to our Discord for more updates!

  • Added Steam Controller support
  • Added mouse control to the main menu, pause menu, and level select screens
  • Added a “hold [key] to ready” prompt to the ship select screen
  • Changed the “scores” screen to work more directly with the steam API
  • Added new indicators for bomb scrap so players can tell exactly what will explode
  • Changed enemy bombs to have higher contrast and be more noticeable
  • Updated the attack pattern of the miniboss to make it more variable
  • Changed the lighting on Mine Entrance so that players could more easily identify gameplay elements
  • Added a filter between the background and the “bitwall” when things get hairy to make it easier to focus on gameplay
  • Added a “scrap pool” at the back of the screen so that players have more options for moving through levels
  • Slight damage change on battleship missiles to improve balance
  • Updated credits
  • Changed tutorial to be more comprehensive
  • If bits are clearing, combos will no longer end
  • Increased the score value of multimatch combinations
  • Increased control to enemy destruction screenshake
  • Increased enemy “keep away” avoidance to keep enemies from clumping together
  • Added new enemy rotation behavior
  • Added new particles to make enemy attack direction more clear
  • Ship control has been improved, providing players with quicker acceleration and turning.

Linux Support

We’ve pushed the Warp Ahead update for Linux, but as we are a small team, have limited equipment for testing. Our initial tests have shown some potential framerate issues, and our testers have seen small graphical problems, but we would love your feedback in our forums or Discord to navigate and address any issues you may find on Linux.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed multiplayer warp bug
  • Fixed a bug where turrets were not flashing when damaged
  • Fixed some text clipping in various menus
  • Locked resolution to certain ratios to eliminate bugs related to window size
  • Fixed an issue where scrap would sometimes disappear from puzzle levels
  • Made it much easier to pick up, drop, and ignore scrap in puzzle mode
  • Fixed the Mine Entrance boss ball attack to not look like power ups
  • Fixed some achievements that were not unlocking properly
  • Fixed a bug where certain enemies always moved up and left
  • Fixed a bug where particle effects would spawn multiple times causing the game to lag
  • Fixed the fighters sine wave bullet patterns
  • Fixed problems with controllers and keyboards not respecting one another in coop mode