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Wall World » Wall World is Out on Consoles & Winter Steam Sale 2023

Ho-ho-ho, Wall Diggers 🎅🏼

Christmas time is around the corner, and that means the Grand Steam Winter Sale 2023, featuring the hottest prices, is waiting for you at the top of the Wall with a 30% discount for Wall World and up to 85% off for other Alawar games! 🧣

From December 21st to January 4th visit the Alawar Steam Store and make a joyful gift for yourself or your friends.

We’re also excited to announce that Wall World is now available on Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5!

A little reminder, we’ve recently launched two open playtests – one for Kingsgrave and another for Necrosmith 2. Unveil new stories, explore new features, and take on fresh challenges now!

Let the spirit of winter guide you as you explore exciting game worlds and brighten up your gaming library. Infuse your winter days with the magic of gaming during the Winter Steam Sale!