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Last Devil (nsfw) » Waiting for the official release on 3/16 !!!

Thank you all for your long-awaited patience, we are about to officially launch.

During the last period, we have removed the RPG MAKER version and temporarily disabled the achievement system. There will be new achievement content after the official launch.

Here are several major updates for the official version:

1. Added the complete third level and Mia (Goblin’s story)
2. Added the final level (Livia’s Conspiracy)
3. Added Korean translation
4. Added Japanese voiceover
5. Upgraded all characters’ final HCG to exquisite animations
6. The arcane particles can now increase the number of blocks
7. The ice staff can now reduce the distance and speed of monster dashes, and the upper limit has been changed to level 8
9. The poison staff has extended effect duration, and the upper limit has been changed to level 8
10. The gambling cloak can now increase 2 points initially
11. (tentative) The stick can now be used as a tool to enlarge bullets while retaining the original knockback effect


Future Update Plan:

1. Adding joystick controller support
2. Using relic fragments
3. Adding more level items and combinations
4. More visual and sound optimizations


A message from the author ADO:

Thank you all for your patience. Initially, I used RPG MAKER to create this game, but I did not anticipate the limitations of RPG MAKER’s performance. As I am not an engineer myself, I did not know how to address these issues. Therefore, we decided to remake the game using Unity, which resulted in the original version no longer receiving updates. This caused many players to wonder if I had disappeared, and I deeply apologize for this!

As we are already in the sales stage, there is tremendous time pressure, and every extra day brings the risk of insufficient funds. However, we have tried our best to complete the game this week. Due to the tight schedule, there may still be many bugs or defects, and we ask for your understanding. Testing this type of game is truly a daunting task, but we will do our best to fix any problems after the release.

Thank you to all our fans who have supported us!