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SuperTotalCarnage! » Vorax – 0.6 Demo for the Steam Scream Fest is Out Now!

Steam Scream: The Revenge is here

Make sure you check out the Steam page often during this year’s Steam Scream Fest: we will be streaming.

The latest Vorax Halloween update brings many improvements, fixes and new features, bringing horror to a new light!

Light being one of the vital elements when surviving on the island, since most enemies are photosensitive, the lighting effects were improved.

The darkness of the night can hide some horrible secrets. If you run out of battery, the moon and the stars are your only guide. But also fog! So beware, horrible creatures can jump out from fog….

Storms can be unforgiving, reducing visibility with just brief flashes of light brought by lightnings will help you navigate the landscape.

We updated both FULL and DEMO version to 0.6.1
Major update details:
– Total overhaul of weather and atmospherics effect
– added fog and thunderstorms
– added rain particles, dust particles, wet and dust effects
– added volumetric fog
– added markers in-game missions
– added compass
– added marker and compas to car and landmark objectives
– dozens of new playable locations ( in full build )
– dozens of bugfixes

There is no full list of bugfixes because we fixed so many of it but feel free to keep
helping us signaling it joining our discord server or in the Steam community hub 😉

Community highlight: GameEdged

Join the nightmare today at and get ready to be scared out of your wits. Remember, in Vorax, the horrors are real, and the nightmares are endless.

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