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Voidside » Voidside: Nightmare is OUT NOW!

It’s finally here!

Voidside: Nightmare adds 2 new maps, 2 new abilities, reworks an enemy and adds a brand new difficulty system!

Introducing: Classes!

There are now multiple classes in Voidside! Each class has its own abilities and brings a new way to play the game.

2 New maps!

2 new maps have been added to the game: Hallow and Complex. Have fun!

Drone rework

Drones have been reworked to kill nearby enemies on death!

Risk vs. Reward!

A new difficulty system ahs been added to reward players who are seeking a challenge!

Full patch notes

  • New map: Hallow
  • New map: Complex
  • Added a class system
  • Added class ability: Ghost daggers
  • Added class ability: Spirit dash
  • Nerfed class ability: Forcefield, it now deals 12 damage per second
  • Buffed class ability: Dragon punch, it now only costs 10hp per use
  • Added difficulty system
  • Added new startup animation
  • Fixed MANY bugs (I’ve lost count!)
  • Added an easter egg to one of the new maps (Hi Murphy!)

I hope you have fun 😀
– Spacepiano