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Voidside » Voidside: Intermission | UPDATE OUT NOW!

Introducing Intermission!

Voidside: Intermission is out now! This is a smaller update designed to provide extra content to enjoy until the next one releases. It reworks a map, and adds a new feature to the game.

A whole new world!

Labs has been refreshed with extra detail and 2 new jump pads; a feature arriving this update. Shoot your way through the hordes in an even more threatening environment than before!


Jump pads are a new addition that have landed not only in labs, but also in a number of old maps! These are prefect for a quick getaway, hopefully leading to less situations in which the player is completely hopeless.

Looking ahead

As stated earlier, this is a smaller update that lays a lot of groundwork for very exciting things to come, so stay tuned!

As always I hope you enjoy the update!
Spacepiano 😀

Full patch notes
  • Reworked Map: Labs
  • Added Jump Pads to: Construction, Citadel, Complex, Labs & Mars
  • Updated the main menu to support Voidside’s next major update
  • Added files to support Voidside’s next major update
  • Fixed a bug in which the player would collide with enemy weapons