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Voidside » Voidside: Gaiden I is OUT NOW!

New maps, new enemies, new everything!

Voidside: Gaiden I is the game’s biggest update yet. It adds a lot of things designed to change the feel of the game to something much more challenging (think Voidside 1.0) but with a tonne of gameplay improvements to help the game feel more rewarding and more fun to play on a moment-to-moment basis!

A new old map!

The original first map, construction, has been completely revamped to be more spacious, focused more on movement, and a great introduction to the game and the story. There are easter eggs everywhere referencing where the game has been, and what might happen next in Gaiden II.

Enemy Variants!

Every enemy now has a rare, powered-up variant. The footsoldiers now have an armoured variant with a much larger health pool, the drones now have a super fast volatile twin, and the mutants now have a faster, smaller (and weaker) little brother. These enemies really help add variety to combat scenarios, and provide some much-needed challenge.

An online leaderboard!

Voidside now has an online leaderboard! This leaderboard is global, so it stays the same across all maps. See if you can beat my high score! 😛
The online leaderboard is actively moderated and any offensive names will not be permitted. If someone achieves a suspiciously high score (e.g. in the millions or higher) I will try to contact the score owner to check their validity.

Balance changes!

You may notice quite a few things about the new update. With the new enemies, it is a lot more easy to die, and on the large maps there are now multiple spawn points to increase challenge. I think that this is a step in the right direction, but I will be listening out for community feedback on these changes.

And that’s it!

If you’ve been playing since the start, thanks so much for sticking with the game and I hope that you really enjoy the update. If you’re a new player, thanks for giving the game a go! This update is for both new and old fans alike. I think this marks a turning point in the trajectory of the game, and it’s finally getting to where I want it to be.

I hope you enjoy the update!
– Spacepiano 😀

Patch Notes

– Reworked map: Singularity (Previously known as ‘Construction’)
– Added 3 new enemies:
– Armoured Footsoldier
– Volatile Drone
– Mini Mutant
– Added online leaderboard
– Added multiple spawn points on large and medium maps
– Collectables move towards the player at a much greater speed
– Collectables despawn after 30 seconds
– Added 2 new achievements
– Added ‘now playing’ text for music tracks
– Updated score UI
– Decreased almost all shop prices
– Fixed a lot of bugs!