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Voidigo » Voidigo v1.0 – The Release Update

Voidigo is now out of Early Access with this huge new update!

We recommend creating a new save file to fully enjoy the new content!
Thank you for all your support during Early Access and we hope you enjoy the full release!

  • A new start to the game. Make a new save file to check it out!
  • A new mysterious area at the top of the camp…
  • World Expansions now also unlock a new challenge!
  • Credits!
  • Void Puppeteer – Now a more formidable foe!
  • New Challenge – Kill in Order!
  • New Challenge – Ants in the Pants!
  • New Challenge – Drywall!
  • New Challenge – Snowman!
  • New Challenge – High Security!
  • New Challenge – Skogr Mine!
  • Challenge Info – When nearby a challenge door there’s now new UI telling you more details about the challenge!
  • You now have the option to start a run without a starter powerup, for you blank slate lovers out there!
  • Treasure guy!
  • More pet parts!
  • New achievements!
  • Void Fragment Results – When you win or lose a run you will now get a presentation of how many Void Fragments you have gained!
  • The Black Hole Hop
  • The Leg-Button Limbo
  • The Pinch-Button Polka
  • The Gulp-Button Groove
  • The Beep-Button Bop
  • The Bubble-Button Boogie
  • Rain Rounds
  • Splash Sole
  • Aquatic Icon
  • New ‘instant pickup’ powerups!
  • Crazy Gun
  • Finger Gun
  • Axe-a-lotl
  • Axe Pals
  • Swordsterer
  • The One
  • Tank Turtle
  • Buccaneer
  • Echino Seedling
  • Eye of Magmoth
  • Broken Rifle
  • Mjölnir
  • Banana Splat
  • Pious Pummeler
  • Gunchucks
  • Triple Roffel
  • Scoop Scope
  • Combat Rifle Anniversary Edition
  • Dragon Do-over
  • Shockgun
  • Voidazzler
  • No Entry
  • Raven’s Edge

  • Upgrade Star – Now displays the shard reward during the cutscene. Each consecutive star is now worth slightly more shards, so powerups with more upgrades will be more worth the trouble.
  • Other sound effects now lower when player gets hurt to emphasize it more.
  • Shop – Lowered extra room entrances to reduce camera focus fighting.
  • New corrupted look on bosses, scary and cool!
  • All bosses have new fancy icons!
  • Pets in Camp – There’s now 15 instead of 20 pets in the camp, to make it a bit less cramped.
  • Areas are now generally smaller and have a higher prop density!
  • The Void – New look for walls. Start area is now the same size as normal beacon areas.
  • North Harvest areas are now less cluttered. Wall edges stand out more to make the walls more readable.
  • Beacons – Activating a beacon now only pops the nearby corruption blobs and not all in the area.
  • Out of bounds co-op flight now activates bubble shield when you gain control over the character again.
  • Ice shattering has better visual effects and works more properly on bosses. Shattering a frozen enemy does more damage.
  • World End Shortcut – Shortcuts can not overlap eachother anymore. Now breaks occluding props.
  • Challenge Room – Reward now hovers between the alive players instead of only following player 1. Player now gets at least two challenges to choose between.
  • Challenge ‘Grounded’ – Pollen dashing is now allowed!
  • New sounds for opening and closing the tab menu.
  • Enterables – You can now exit an enterable from any side if you destroy the walls!
  • Ghost Quest – Cradles will now do a visual effect when filled and get untinted for a moment after being filled during combat, making it more obvious where their health went for new players.
  • Recharger – Now prioritizes wanting your weapon. Can now ask for currency as well!
  • Currency Eater – Now creates an explosion when fed fully or destroyed (Does not hurt the player)
  • Healthgulper – Now rewards bundles instead of random powerups!
  • Price for unlocking a new character is now 12 Void Fragments.
  • Beacon Turrets – Now keeps fighting if one player is still alive, even if its not the owner of the turret.
  • Linear Field – Bullets now move a bit more naturally around walls.
  • Bottled Tomto Blood – Now requires you to sprint in air to activate it
  • Mother Ship – Now only follows the player that owns the powerup instead of the closest friendly target.
  • Arachnid Haste – Follows player more precisely.
  • Back Buckler – New description!
  • Fire Button – New description!
  • Bullet Button – New description!
  • Emeraldon Button – New description!
  • Poison Button – New description!
  • Electricity Button – New description!
  • Ice Button – New description!
  • Moldy Pepper – New description!
  • Charged Pepper – New description!
  • Arctic Pepper – New description!
  • Red Pepper – New description!
  • Noxious Icon – New description!
  • Shot Flipper – New description!
  • Jimbot – New description!
  • Wall Spiders – New description!
  • Homesick Bullet Lotion – New description!
  • Jellified Tungsten Bullet Lotion – New description!
  • Ornate Wooden Hilt – New description!
  • Gloppy – New description!
  • Bounce Gel – New description!
  • Coffee – New description!
  • Cryo Rounds – New description!
  • Incendiary Rounds – New description!
  • Volt Rounds – New description!
  • Poison Rounds – New description!
  • Hurricane Sole – New description!
  • Thunder Sole – New description!
  • Pyro Sole – New description!
  • Glacial Sole – New description!
  • Toxic Sole – New description!
  • Bomb Rod – New description!
  • Pufferfish – New description!
  • Maelstrom – New description!
  • Bay Bow – New description!
  • Roffel – New description!
  • Cross Bone – New description!
  • Snake Egg Launcher – New description!
  • Siegemaster – New description!
  • Imperiant Speklunker – New description!
  • Imperiant Mace – New description!
  • Restrained Imperiant Baby – New description!
  • Brine Gar – New description!
  • Summer Scepter – New description!
  • The Croaker – New description!
  • Pet Banish Menu – Now displays the equipped weapon of the pet as well.
  • Different ground materials have less contrast on the minimap.
  • There’s now a deny effect on the healthbar when you try to hurt yourself but you do not have enough health.
  • Passage Map – Now fades out during battle if a player or enemy is underneath it.

  • Shop – After the first world there’s now 3 powerups, 3 upgrades and 2 weapons.
  • Loop Minigame – Popping a powerup bubble now fully removes the powerup regardless of upgrade level.
  • Double Shop – Now holds three ammo jars for the same price.
  • Time Freeze – Player attacks are not frozen anymore.
  • Bullet Collision – It is now easier to hit enemies that are bouncing near the ground.
  • Co-op – Bosses now give two bundles when defeated.
  • Forge – Now has a chance to spawn health instead of an ammo.
  • Powerup Trades – A little less likely for upgraded powerups to show up as trades. The more upgrades the less likely.
  • Healthupper – Now corrupted during loops!
  • Pets – When out of their attack range they now use their dodge to try to get to a better position. They are now invulnerable when dodging.
  • Max Health Seller – Now rewards you 20 more shards than before.
  • Elemental Buttons – More bullet damage and longer element time.
  • Weptek Boot – More damage.
  • Bomb Boot – More damage and bigger radius.
  • Boom Bomb Button – More damage and bigger radius.
  • Health Jar: Definitive Edition – Health ghosts now rain from above after breaking a pickup! Name changed from ‘Definite’ to ‘Definitive’.
  • Wall Spiders – Bit less damage, longer pause before more spiders can spawn after reaching spider limit. Now ‘Rare’ instead of ‘Uncommon’.
  • Beacon Blender – Less damage to bosses.
  • Crab Boot – Now ‘Uncommon’ instead of ‘Rare’.
  • Orb Bullet Lotion – Shorter orb time and stronger homing.
  • Weptek Reload Attack Module – Now affected by Weptek Accuracy Optimizer.
  • Rumble Ray – Further range when upgraded.
  • Swing Shot – Further range when upgraded.
  • Banned Auto Aim – Longer range!
  • Shard Gamble – ‘Rare’ and ‘Ultra Rare’ rewards now give more shards!
  • Rocket Bullet Lotion – New icon, new explosion effect, more damage, no longer destroy walls and has a new explosion sound effect.
  • Pollen Dash – Final upgrade now allows the dash to break through walls.
  • Cryo Rounds – Stronger freeze!
  • Homesick Bullet Lotion – Bullets that land on walls now get their ‘homesickness’ applied as well, so they bounce back even if you overshoot.
  • Echo Blade – Now echoes a grid of weapons! Now ‘Rare’ instead of ‘Common’.
  • Stable Stature – Now ‘Rare’ and makes the player unable to tumble!
  • Melee Mimic – Each mimic is now a bullet.
  • Void Bullet Lotion – Now synergizes correctly with Inner Fusion!
  • Bat Slippers – Many more bats!
  • Rat Slippers – Many more rats!
  • Soul Slippers – Many more souls!
  • Upgrade Bundle – Now ‘Uncommon’ instead of ‘Common’.
  • Protectus Boot – Bigger and longer lasting protection area.
  • Protectus Gem – Now ‘Uncommon’ instead of ‘Rare’.
  • Protectus Heart – Now ‘Rare’ instead of ‘Uncommon’.
  • Heavy Weight Bacteria – There’s now a minimum amount of knockback a weapon attack can have, so that all attacks get a significant effect.
  • Clozo’s Arm – When playing with gamepad the arm will now only extend upon actively pushing the stick.
  • Hurricane Sole – Now ‘Uncommon’ instead of ‘Common’.
  • The Emeraldon Anticurse – Now ‘Rare’ instead of ‘Uncommon’.
  • Max ammo and durability is now calculated based on damage and rarity of the weapon, instead of being balanced manually per weapon.
  • All ‘Rare’ and ‘Ultra Rare’ weapons do less damage overall.
  • Jumbo Dart – Now ‘Common’ rarity.
  • Pumpkin Nest – Bullets now bounces back towards the nest when they land on walls.
  • Void Enemies – Health is now balanced per world!
  • Kegler Barrels – Now tumbles the player a bit more when they land right on top of them.
  • Kegler Captain – Large barrel left behind when digging underground can now be stomped. It now shoots out barrels that explode into bullets.
  • Harvest Caretaker – Bullets now have a warning circle to make them stand out a bit more.

  • Fixed prop decals sometimes being incorrectly placed.
  • World Token Cutscene – Fixed camera focus not centered correctly during co-op.
  • Fixed a rare bug where an area would get stuck in ‘area change’ state and making the player stuck in a forced walk.
  • Cinematics – Element, bullet and stun audio loops do not play during cinematics anymore. Stun effect, frog explosions and snake bites are now hidden during cinematics.
  • Fixed a bug causing some ambient NPCs like birds sometimes not spawning out of view.
  • Fixed a bug causing fleeing bosses to be able to get right back into battle if another boss was in the current area.
  • Friendly void crystal explosions now have the correct colors.
  • Fixed the bosses encountered not storing correctly when saving and loading a run.
  • Enemy weapon blink warning – Fixed a bug causing it to not work as intended.
  • Pets – Fixed melee pets accidentally interrupting their own attacks with block sometimes.
  • Fixed Rupert narration in Antlantis not triggering during co-op.
  • Wall Spiders – Fixed spawn sound not playing in the correct position.
  • Orb Bullet Lotion – Fixed spawn sound not playing in the correct position. Fixed launching bullets not colliding with walls in orb form.
  • Porko Rebel Grenade – Fixed a rare instance when it would be instantly blocked by Back Buckler.
  • Linear Field – Now pauses during cinematics and hides when player is hidden.
  • Powerup Gamble – Fixed a bug during co-op making it possible to spawn a powerup already picked up by the other player.
  • Orb Bullet Lotion – Now works better with Rocket Bullet Lotion.
  • Bomb Boot – Fixed explosion sometimes not doing its full damage.
  • The Emeraldon Anticurse – Fixed some rare cases when the Emeraldon would stick around even if the player was back on the ground.
  • Mother Ship – Fixed a bug causing it to be misplaced on activation sometimes.
  • Blast Refractor – Fixed a bug causing the laser to spawn from the wrong spot if there was a wall between the player and the explosion.
  • Beacon Barrage – Fixed a bug causing it not to have player powerups affect it.
  • Buttons – Fixed outlines not blinking in the co-op players color.
  • Rehand Powerups – Fixed a bug in co-op when a player died as the hand was charging up, the corpse would cause a lot of constant audio and screen shake.
  • Floppy Flinger – Fixed files from floppy breaking not travelling their full range.
  • Fixed weapon idle sound not restarting after pausing.
  • The Harvester – Fixed a bug causing them to not trigger any behaviors.
  • Bosses – Fixed a bug where a boss would be outside the level when you entered its area.
  • Health Bar – Fixed an issue where it would not get the correct width if the game was minimized while resuming a run from the save menu.
  • Stomp Deny UI – Now scales with zoom, so it wont occlude some smaller enemies when battle zoom is active.
  • Enterable Icon – Fixed not hiding during cinematics.
  • Fixed some powerups not falling out of extra rooms correctly.
  • Pet Name – Fixed not hiding during cinematics.
  • Fixed some overlay effects and ui incorrectly rendering twice during co-op.
  • Void Eye Arrow – Fixed not hiding during cinematics.
  • Discord Rich Presence – Fixed runtime during co-op.

  • Bullet optimizations.
  • Wall destruction optimizations.
  • Fixed memory leaks.