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Voidigo » Voidigo v0.9.5 – Content Update 2

  • Secrets added, find them!
  • World End shortcut! You can now easily travel back to the portal from other areas.
  • New Challenges – Gridlock, Homing, Solar Gravity and Lunar Gravity!
  • New Interactable Entity – Reusable Upgrader!
  • New ambient light in all areas!
  • Corrupted Upgrade Bundles can now randomly spawn in small areas!
  • New level gen shapes!
  • An animated door icon will now make it more obvious what props you can enter!
  • Mixing electricity and water now creates zap bullets!
  • Mixing fire and wind now creates a fire vortex!
  • Mixing water and poison now creates sludge projectiles!
  • Mixing water and gunpowder now creates exploding projectiles!
  • Some pickups can now spawn as powerup choices!
  • There’s now a ‘Save and Quit’ entity in the Antivoid!
  • Beacon Blender
  • Rocket Bullet Lotion
  • 8x Scope High Heels
  • Homesick Bullet Lotion
  • Stable Stature
  • Protectus Gem
  • Gorilla Essence
  • Avoidatron Bullet Lotion
  • Protectus Bullet Lotion
  • Pause Button
  • Heavy Weight Bacteria
  • Ornate Wooden Hilt
  • Rumble Ray
  • Simulation Bullet Lotion
  • Blast Refractor
  • Jellified Tungsten Bullet Lotion
  • Protectus Heart
  • Bottled Tomto Blood
  • Hyperlink Bullet Lotion
  • Orb Bullet Lotion
  • Banned Auto Aim
  • Wall Spiders
  • Health Jar: Definite Edition
  • Linear Field
  • Shard Gamble
  • Powerup Gamble
  • Weapon Gamble

  • Corrupted Trades – Currency can now be an option.
  • Player bullets now fade out after a bit and have dimmer light. Should make the game more readable over all.
  • Player now has a bigger light.
  • Recharger and Seller interactable are now active for 2 seconds before going back to idle. Seller can now be stomp skipped.
  • Added light source for the Antivoid portal.
  • Made some light and shadow changes to Beacons.
  • Added an icon to the co-op portal.
  • The system that picks world boss is now improved, all bosses should now show up equally as often!
  • Screen fades that used to be white are now a darker color.
  • Porko Land and The North now have a couple more areas.
  • Electricity – Effects are a bit less intrusive.
  • Upgrade Info UI – Removed rarity title to reduce screen real estate.

  • Loot Vortex – There can now only spawn one per world. Spawns double the amount of weapons during co-op.
  • Forge – Can now only spawn one weapon.
  • Shop – There’s now less weapons and more upgrades and powerups. Powerups and weapons are a bit more expensive.
  • Weapons do not spawn randomly from lootable props anymore.
  • ‘Rare’ powerups are a bit more likely to spawn in Porko Land.
  • Frog Explosions – Does more damage.
  • Gunpowder Explosions – Does more damage.
  • Elemental Buttons now shoot elemental bullets as well!
  • Snake Bullet Lotion – All bullets are now snake bullets, no change to snake bite chance.
  • Frog Bullet Lotion – All bullets are now frog bullets, no change to exploding frog chance.
  • Rat Bullet Lotion – All bullets are now rat bullets, no change to rat bite chance. Slightly less homing.
  • Bat Bullet Lotion – All bullets are now bat bullets, no change to bat impact chance. Slightly less homing.
  • Crazy Bat Lady – Less bats with shorter range.
  • Back Buckler – A bit more centered on the player’s back.
  • Void Bullet Lotion – Every bullet now slings back around! Upgrading now gives longer range after the sling back. Lower rarity upgrades.
  • All melee weapons have gotten a balancing pass regarding their damage to bosses!
  • Begunner – More max ammo.
  • Batatat – More max ammo.
  • Flowering Can – Higher chance to create water on projectile impact.
  • Shooting Star – More damage, lower firerate, less bullets, slightly homing, more range, less recoil, one less bounce and no penetration. Now has bullet particles!
  • Sun Beamer – More damage.
  • The Invader – More damage, slightly lower firerate.
  • Pot Pal – More seed impact damage. A couple less flower petals.
  • Stealther .45 – More damage.
  • Bay Bow – More damage, especially to bosses.
  • Summer Scepter – More damage.
  • Bone Bow – Arrow and gems do more damage. Fewer gems. No more penetration. Slightly lower firerate. Polished effects. Gems spawn a bit later so they can hit the same target as the arrow.
  • Axolotl – More damage and less penetration.
  • Cloudy Gun – More damage, slightly longer range and less penetration.
  • Thorn Borne – More seed damage, more boss damage, faster seed, less homing, longer range and less penetration.
  • The Croaker – Now ‘Common’ instead of ‘Uncommon’. Does more damage.
  • Bad Sax – Now ‘Common’ instead of ‘Uncommon’. Does more damage and has slightly lower firerate.
  • Keg Lubber – Now ‘Common’ instead of ‘Uncommon’. Does more damage.
  • Coldoid Chunker – Now ‘Common’ instead of ‘Uncommon’. Does more damage, especially to bosses.
  • Voltcaster – Now ‘Common’ instead of ‘Uncommon’. Does more damage.
  • Skeleton Musician – Longer range and does more damage.
  • Pumpkin Nest – More damage.
  • Cross Bone – More damage.
  • Boring Bazooka – More damage.
  • Coldoid Piercer – Slightly more damage, especially to bosses.
  • Rebeamer – Slightly more damage.
  • Skeletoot – More damage, bigger clip, less spread on reload bones.
  • Harvest Sickle – Less penetrations, less ammo, more damage and slightly lower firerate.
  • Roffel – More boss damage.
  • Stuffed Urn – More boss damage.
  • Melodaser – More damage, especially to bosses. Lower firerate and a finite amount of penetrations.
  • Pufferfish – More damage, a bit less spread and bigger poison that lingers for longer.
  • Banana Delivery Service – More max ammo, more damage, bigger explosion, bananas have longer range and slightly lower firerate.
  • Thumper – More damage and faster reload.
  • Thumper – More damage.
  • Quadzooka – More damage, a bit longer reload and more max ammo.
  • Throwing Star Man – More damage, less max ammo and lower firerate.
  • Runapult – Lands more correctly when hitting something mid-air, does more damage especially to bosses, ice blast does a bit less damage.
  • Avian Silvertongue – Less penetrations, more boss damage.
  • Aquaxi’s Trident – Does not penetrate anymore.
  • Triblaster – Does slightly less damage.
  • Porko Triple Shotty – Less damage, slightly lower firerate and more ammo.
  • Voidcaster – Less damage, finite amount of penetrations, slightly lower firerate and longer range.
  • Antilauncher – More damage.
  • Magic Hat – More damage. Less bunnies but with longer range and more damage. Slightly lower firerate.
  • Coldoid Hypotherminator – Slightly more damage, does not penetrate anymore, slightly longer reload.
  • XXL – More damage, more ammo and less turn spread.
  • DO NOT PRESS – More damage, more ammo and a bit lower self knockback.
  • Striker – Slightly lower firerate and more ammo.
  • Voidpiercer – Finite amount of penetrations.
  • Voidshot – Finite amount of penetrations.
  • Crabromancer – More ammo, more damage, fewer small crabs with less range but more damage.
  • Longshot – Bit lower firerate, finite amount of penetrations, less damage to enemies but more damage to bosses.
  • The Hog – Bit less damage.
  • Nordunn Ballista – Lower damage, 3 clip, more freeze.
  • Floppy Glooboid – Projectile land position is a bit less random and now correctly damage the player. Shoot speed is a bit faster.
  • Co-op – A bit less enemy health.
  • Boss Health – Antlantis and Porko Land bosses have less corruption health. Void boss has more health.
  • Loop – Boss health scale increases less. Damage scaling increases more.

  • Voidweaver – Fixed a bug causing it to not pick weapon trade correctly during co-op.
  • Acquiring a pet during a run now displays the powerup GUI correctly again.
  • Fixed a bug making it possible for locked world expansion enemies to spawn.
  • Fixed bouncing bullets not shrinking before disappearing correctly.
  • Fixed a couple rare bullet related crashes.
  • Upgrade Bundle – Fixed a bug causing it not to save and load correctly after quitting in the middle of a run.
  • Co-op – Hovering out of bounds player is now invulnerable.
  • Fixed a bug causing god rays not to be placed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing bullet loop sounds not to play.
  • Fixed physics projectiles like Porko Grenades not freezing like other projectiles.
  • Fixed scroll bar in patch notes and settings not working.
  • Fixed some bugs in the co-op menu.

  • Bullets are now more optimized.
  • Elements are now more optimized.
  • Loading a new area should now be faster.