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MOTHERGUNSHIP » Versus Evil Winter Sale Going on Now!

The Versus Evil Winter Sale is now live on Steam! Get up to 90% off!

Everyone is always trying to score the best deals during the holidays, and boy, do we have deals for you!

Our newest title, Eville, recently launched a new DLC pack called the Frost Golem Pack! Become one of the mighty Frost Golems, an ancient denizen of the Frozen Tundra. This cosmetic pack includes several items including the Frost Golem Avatar, Ice Crystal Club Back-Item, Ancient Frost Mask Accessory, Making a Friend Painting, and Frost Golem Loading Screen! Celebrate the season with these winter-themed items!

Want to experience more wacky antics with your friends? Then consider picking up First Class Trouble! More of a solo gamer? Not a problem! Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, The Hand of Merlin, Cardpocalypse, Yaga, and UnMetal are all lengthy single-player affairs that you’ll end up dumping hours upon hours into!

Browse our catalog, and may you find the perfect game and score the perfect deal this holiday season!

Look forward to 2023, as it’ll be Versus Evil’s 10-year anniversary, and we’ll have plenty of exciting things in store for our biggest year yet! Happy holidays from all of us here at Versus Evil, and we’ll see you soon!