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MOTHERGUNSHIP » Versus Evil Spring Sale Going on Now!

The Versus Evil Spring Sale is now live on Steam! Get up to 90% off!

In addition to the sale, we want to shine a light on our most recently announced titles coming in 2023!

First up is Broken Roads, an RPG that brings exploration, strategic turn-based combat, and meaningful philosophical choices in a rich, engaging narrative set in an all-new Australian post-apocalyptic setting.

Next is Tamarak Trail, a deck-building roguelike where you’ll use a customizable dice set as you battle through randomly generated trails. As a member of the Sturgeon Lodge, a secret society tasked with defeating a malevolent presence, you must protect all from the evil that has corrupted the Tamarak Trail.

Finally, there’s Stray Souls, a new third-person, action-horror game. Fight terrifying creatures, solve mind-bending puzzles, and unravel a horrid family secret to expose the chilling truth behind your existence.

We look forward to sharing more about Broken Roads, Tamarak Trail, and Stray Souls with you all in the coming months! In the meantime, explore our ever-growing catalog of titles for those sweet, sweet deals!