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Skybreakers » Version V1.2.9 Comprehensive Enhancement ~ New Artifacts Incoming

Dear player ,

This update brings a more exhilarating experience, It strengthens the skills of each character to elevate the thrill to a higher level.
We’ve introducedtwo new artifacts relics in this game update, [Square Heaven Cauldron] and [Bright War Drum], and their names alone suggest they’re extraordinary! Hurry up and make a dash for them.

Here are the specific updates:

Versions V1.2.7-V1.2.9

New Features:

1、All damage from effect-type abilities now inherits 100% of critical damage and backstab damage; crit rate and backstab chance inherit based on the trigger characteristics of the effects by a certain ratio.
2、New Relic: [Peace Ding] (Achievement sync update)

  • Decreases Attack by 30%
  • When Blood Qi is below 50%, Attack +75%
  • After each hit, Attack +100%, Weapon Enlargement +50%, Damage Reduction +40%, lasts for 5 seconds
  • After each hit, temporary +10% Blood Qi (until the end of the battle)
  • Unlock condition: Revive 4 times in a game

3、New Relic: [Phoenix War Drum] (Achievement sync update)

  • Increases shop prices by 30%
  • For every 100 Spirit Stones, +5 Attack
  • Gain 50 times the wave number of Spirit Stones at the end of each battle wave
  • Unlock condition: Collect 20,000 Spirit Stones in a game

4、New Miscellaneous Orange Art: [Inspiration]
+50% experience from killing enemies; each elite kill grants an additional 2% experience based on the current level
5、New Miscellaneous Orange Art: [Bonus]
Upon each level up, immediately gain 50 Spirit Stones and 5 Xuan Iron
6、New Miscellaneous Purple Art: [Armament]
For every 100 Spirit Stones, +3 Attack
7、New Miscellaneous Purple Art: [Baggage]
For every 100 Spirit Stones, +10 Blood Qi

Optimization Adjustments:

  1. Relic: [Fan of Yin and Yang] increases effect shop refresh frequency by 1.
  2. Relic: [Primordial Pearl] – Increase in enemy experience by 50% adjusted to an additional level up at the end of each battle wave.
  3. Relic: [Primeval Standard] description optimized: Doubles damage dealt from behind (to avoid ambiguity).
  4. Relic: [Jug of Immortality] – Each time absorption increases Attack from 5% to 10%.
  5. Unified cooldown adjustments for trigger-type ability talents.
  6. South Palace weapons: [Disinclined Farewell] damage increased by 10%.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue where certain heart method effects were displaying repetitively in the encyclopedia.
  2. Corrected the display issue in the pause menu when the attack attribute was diminished, failing to show the numerical value color properly.
  3. Rectified navigation issues between certain buttons when using a controller or keyboard in the shop interface.
  4. Rectified an issue in South Palace weapon [Tooth of Azure Dragon] where the second and third hits of multiple-damage attacks were being treated as tail strikes.
  5. Fixed the problem where fewer than 3 revives resulted in the inability to refresh to the [Guts] heart method in the shop.