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Skybreakers » Version V1.2.7 Trigger new effects with 12 cards?!

Dear players:

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to everyone!

In this update, when you reach 12 cards in the same bound, you can choose one new effect for each bound! So every bound has new effects to try out. ːsteamhappyː

Additionally, two new artifacts, “Primordial Pearl” and “Jug of Immortality,” have been added to the game. Check them out! ːsteamthumbsupː

Here are the specific updates:

Version V1.2.6-1.2.7

New Features:

1.The divine skill effects of the 12 heart techniques have been changed to 2 choices, and the new effects are as follows:

  • Militarism: After a tail strike, another tail strike is guaranteed, and normal attack damage is halved.
  • Diplomacy : Each time you absorb vitality, sprint damage increases by 10% (up to 200%, resets at the end of the battle).
  • Taoism: Automatically recovers 5% of martial arts value per second.
  • Medicine : Each time you absorb blood energy, triggers an additional blood energy eruption.
  • Agrarianism: Increases backstab probability by 15%.
  • Mohism: All critical damage is additionally increased by 50%.
  • Confucianism : Increases attack power by an additional 2% every 10 combos (up to 100%, until the end of the battle).
  • Syncretism: Immediately gains 50% of the current level’s experience at the start of each battle.
  • Non-Schoolism: Each time you acquire a non-heretical heart technique, permanent +2% attack power.

2.New Artifact “Primordial Pearl”:

Drops of Crystal reduced by 20%.
Killing enemies grants +50% experience.
Each level-up gives an additional +2 ATK.
Each level-up grants one talent divine skill refresh opportunity.

Unlock condition: Reach level 25 within one game.

3.New Artifact “Jug of Immortality”:

Normal attack damage halved.
+1 health limit.
+1 martial arts limit.
Each time you absorb vitality or martial arts, attack power increases by 5% (up to 200%, until the end of the battle).

Unlock condition: In a single wave of battle, get a total of 15 Stamina Tap or Ultimate Tap.

4.Added 4 new achievements, each related to unlocking the artifacts “Free-Spirited Fan,” “Purple Gold Gourd,” “Primotdial Pearl,” and “Jug of Immortality.”

5.Added a new Syncretism card “Insight,” which increases the talent divine skill refresh limit by 3.

Optimizations and Adjustments:

1.Adjusted the Taoism 12-cards effect to restore 3% Ultimate Gauge for every enemy killed.

2.Overall weakened the ATK of Champions after wave 200, and increased their health.

3.Adjusted the Confucianism card “Excitement” purple quality effect up to add +0.5% ATK for every 10 combos (up to 50%, until the end of the battle).

4.Adjusted the Confucianism card “Excitement” orange quality effect up to add +1% attack power for every 10 combos (up to 100%, until the end of the battle).

5.Adjusted the Diplomacy card “Flich” effect to guarantee the recovery of 1 Stamina Tap with each backstab (cooldown: 3 seconds).

6.Adjusted the Diplomacy card “Provison” effect to guarantee Stamina Tap every 100 combos.

7.Adjusted the Taoism card “Impulse” effect to restore half a Ultimate Gauge every 200 combos.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed abnormal text display for the refresh button in the English version of the store interface.
  2. Fixed an issue where the artifact “Free-Spirited Fan” ATK boost effect was not recorded in the save file.
  3. Fixed the issue where experience reduction effects were not working.
  4. Fixed abnormal counting of combo increases for “Crescent of Fire.”
  5. Fixed abnormal combo counting for the artifact “Free-Spirited Fan.”
  6. Fixed an issue where the half-blood resurrection effect would fully restore health when the remaining resurrection count was greater than 1.